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23 May 2020 @ 11:40 am
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10 April 2020 @ 12:31 am
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1. GET PHOTOSHOP: You can get a a free copy of photoshop by joining this crunchyroll group. Go to this thread and follow the directions for downloading it. ***NOTE: Adobe Update may want to update your new cracked copy of CS3. DONT LET IT DO THIS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO UNINSTALL/REINSTALL IT.
2. Now once you have that next step is to follow this tutorial because I'm too lazy to make my own.
 A note on that tutorial though:
If you're extracting frames from a video that isn't a file you got from YouTube (not .mp4), you may have to extract more frames from the file to get a reasonable amount. For example, if you only extract 3 for a HD .avi file, you're going to end up with 30,000 frames! It's hard to pick an exact number to extract when dealing with files like these, you just have to play around.

You can extract Total XX frames from video to get a reasonable starting amount. A 3 second gif is usually around 25-50 frames if that gives you an idea of how many total frames you should extract for the length of your gif.

1. Get JASC Animation Shop 3 fo' Free.
2. Follow this tutorial to figure out how to use it.
3. You can also use JASC to open up already made gifs and edit them/merge them with other gifs/make icons and such.
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My lovely teaminnie 's computer crashed and she lost all her Taemin pictures, so I uploaded my entire Taemin collection up to date for her. I also uploaded my collection of SHINee gifs.

Use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder with these settings to get rid of duplicate pictures/gifs you may already have. It will ONLY get rid of picture files that are of the same exact dimensions and size . So if you have the same pictures, but they're smaller/bigger you have to go in and manually find/delete them.

[Gifs] SHINee: 3.04GB, 1647 Gifs, 91 .swfs (flash files)
DOWNLOAD: - .001 - .002 - .003 - .004 [Join with HJ Split]

Jonghyun - 82 Gifs
Key - 102 Gifs
Minho - 113 Gifs
Onew - 56 Gifs
Taemin - 1,109 Gifs, 89 .swfs

The rest are unsorted miscellaneous/pairings ones.

[Pics] Taemin Folder: 7.36GB, 10,754 Files

[2008] Replay [207MB, 792 Files]
[2009.05] Romeo [518MB, 1,707 Files]
[2009.10-2010.06] RDD - .001 - .002 [1.41GB, 3,460 Files]
[2010.06-] Lucifer - .001 - .002 [1.55GB, 4,573 Files]
Misc Folder [50MB, 215 Files: Pre-debut pics, cross dressing pics, pervy pics ~_~] 
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01 September 2010 @ 06:38 pm
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If you can't view this entry, you've been cut.  Please remove me from your flist as well.

Reasons you were cut:
1. You didn't comment on the f-cut entry.
2. We just didn't connect for some reason.
3. Your journal was dead or a backup journal.

My flist is just so large and I really did not want to cut anyone, it's just impossible for me to keep up with so many people.

Sorry again <3